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Mobile Industry Veteran
Husband & Father


Maurice Sharp is a 21+ year mobile industry veteran enabling, doing, and managing mobile development at companies large (Apple, Palm) and small. He is also author of "Learning iOS Development" for Addison-Wesley.

He started as an intern developing a prototype of the Newton Toolkit. Next he spent several years enabling third party developers to create apps for Newton, and then Palm by providing sample code, tech tips, and many technical presentations.

Maurice has been creating iOS Apps for himself and clients since 2009 with Apps of his own or with significant contributions in the iOS store including Ready95014 (long in the tooth), Gluey (most of the UX & Logic), and ShopWell (most of it).  He is also an ex-oficio advisor for mobile startups including MileIQ (also in the store.)

In his last role he rebuilt the Android and iOS app team at Couchsurfing, and led them through creating different apps through two significant pivots.

A book on Learning iOS Development from Addison-Wesley is due out in October.