How to thank people (co-workers, friends, ...)

Everyday we accomplish things at work. And many accomplishments are the result of help from others. Our parents may have taught us to say “Thank You” to people who do things for us. We may even remember to do that. But what we need to do is to appropriately acknowledge the help that other people are to us. The key is to understand how to do that.

When you think about how to tell someone else about how they helped you, there are a two parts to think about: 1. How much do you thank them? 2. Who do you tell about what was done and how?

As an aside, it is equally important to be able to accept thanks. The default reaction to being thanked seems to be statements to the effect of “It was nothing.” or “Don’t mention it.” This trivializes the thanks and looses an opportunity to build deeper trust. The best reaction is to accept the thanks.