Oct 2013


Welcome to mauricesharp.com!

You may wonder why you would want to check back here for postings on iOS Development, leadership, and life...

Mobile development in general, and iOS in particular, is something I have been doing and/or managing for over 21 years. And not just simple products (though some of them are), but complex apps for name-brand companies. In Developer Support (software engineers with customer friendly interfaces), I learned a lot about how to dig deep and communicate complex concepts. And you can see how I do this in “Learning iOS Development” from Addison-Wesley.

Leadership is something I have been practicing and studying for over 15 years. During that time I have had the honor to build several high performance, high retention teams that people seemed to enjoy being part of. I have also had the honor of coaching many people in the career and in life and leadership.

So please check back for articles ranging from custom progress indicators that cover the screen in iOS to why the fundamental distinctions of Trust, Mistake, Effective Requests underlie everything: from effective teams to effective relationships. And you may learn something about how to produce customer satisfaction (no, it does not just “happen”, and yes, it can be effectively and recurrently produced.)

Maurice Sharp - 10/20/13