In iOS 7 the Calendar app uses a table view for editing all the parts of an event. You get to that view by tapping on an event and then tapping the Edit button in the navigation bar. That brings up a modal screen with a grouped table.

This six part example will show you how to build and add a similar editor for the details of a car. When you are done, the flow for editing a car will look like the images shown below. The Make and Model cells contain text fields for in place editing. The year expands to a picker and uses code copied from YearEditViewController. A new picker is used for Fuel, though that limits the total number of gallons/liters in the tank.
Stacks Image 123

Modified Car View Screen

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Year Picker

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Text Editing Field

The Six Main Parts

You will add the table based editor in six main parts. Each part walks through the changes and additions you need to make in the project.
Part 1: Add and show a table view based editing scene and return from that scene
Part 2: Display the values for the edited car using a local NSManagedObjectContext
Part 3: Add text based editing for Make and Model
Part 4: Add editing for the Year using a UIPickerView
Part 5: Add editing for Fuel using a UIPickerView
Part 6: Add code to update the main table view if the edited car has been changed