Extra content for Learning iOS Development from Addison-Wesley.

iOS continues to change, and a book can only capture so much. This area of the website contains extra content that supplements the book. The projects and walkthroughs build on what was covered in the book and expand on the CarValet sample.

All the extra content code projects can be found in GitHub:

The goal is to add new content roughly once a month. Much of the work for the first six posts is already done and show how to construct a table view based editor for car details. The editor is similar to the one used to edit events in the Calendar. All of a Cars editable attributes are shown and edited on the same screen.
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Learning iOS Development: A Hands-on Guide to the Fundamentals of iOS Programming

Start writing great iOS 7 apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch! Leading iOS authors Maurice Sharp, Erica Sadun, and Rod Strougo offer the perfect hands-on introduction to iOS development, covering everything you need to know about Objective-C, XCode, and modern iOS 7 user interface development. With hands-on sample projects and end-of-chapter exercises, this book is ideal both for self-teaching and classroom instruction.